Think of it like this:

Your website is your new vehicle. I’m going to get you the best car for the internet superhighway. Now someone has to maintain the engine and the fluids. Someone has to put gas in the car, and walk around to check the tires, to make sure your car is safe and ready to drive when you get in it.

Think of me as your pit crew and dealership. It’s in your best interest to have me maintain your vehicle than taking it somewhere else where they may break your website. I can keep it online, maintained, and backed up – so you don’t have to worry about it.

The internet changes all the time and this is to help you prevent from ever having a nightmare “website crash” which is all too common when business owners don’t maintain a healthy website.

Monthly website maintenance is kinda like car insurance.

Website maintenance is included with website hosting as a bundle in our CARE plan.

So you can sleep at night knowing that your website is online, safe, and ready to go!


Here are 5 reasons why you must have a CARE plan on your site:

  1. Your website cannot exist without Hosting. We provide the best, private, white glove hosting service and SSL certificate, so your site is online and secure from the start.
  2. The Internet is always changing. Any website you launch needs to be routinely updated or else things could break over time. You want to keep your website clean and maintained by performing routine security scans and updates.
  3. Backing up your site is essential because you’ve invested all of this time, energy, money and heart into your website and their could be a possibility of your site getting hacked or crashing.  A friend of mine recently had his website hacked and he still hasn’t gotten it back up yet!  The problem was he is not using the best hosting and not performing security scans. If he had a backup, he could have been online the next day but unfortunately not everybody thinks of their backup plan until the site goes down and it’s too late. We always have keep two recent backups on file of your website so you don’t have to worry.
  4. Updating Plugins and the WordPress installation.  New versions of programs, plugins and WordPress come out monthly and they need to be updated.  We go in and do this for you so your site is updated and functioning properly.
  5. Peace of Mind.  By having someone monitoring your site monthly, you have peace of mind and can go about taking care of your business knowing that your site is safe, secure and running smoothly.

The basic CARE plan is $97 per month, which is a small investment for all of the above. All of the websites we build require hosting & monthly maintenance.


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